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Wednesday, January 8, 2020


This is for my own benefit to keep some kind of a timeline and dates of appointments and tests. I'll update it periodically as needed.

11/19/19- Saw Dr. Lopez for sinus infection and swelling in my neck. Put me on antibiotics and doubled my BP med.

12/5/19- saw Lopez for recheck of blood pressure. Discussed that it's still up and my insomnia. Just before she left the room I called her attention to the fact the lump on my neck is larger and I'm having pain in my shoulder. She scheduled me for a CAT scan the following day.

12/6/19- CAT scan at Pinnacle

12/9/19 Dr. Lopez called and said I have ''a fast growing metastatic lung cancer''. She referred me to a pulmonary doctor- Dr. Burke.

12/16/19 Had 1st appointment with Dr. Burke. He referred me for full body PET/CT scan

12/27/19- full body PET/CT scan at SimonMed.

1/2/20 Dr. Burke called with scan results. 5 areas lit up- lung, lymph nodes, chest wall, and spine. Referring me for biopsy.

1/8/20- Had prep appointment to fill out forms and history, bring them Cd's of previous scans and reports, and give a blood sample. Needle CAT scan biopsy is scheduled for 1/10/20.

1/10/20- Biopsy done on neck nodes at Manatee Memorial Hospital

1/13/20- Appointment made with Dr. Degroat, my cardiologist, for Wed. 1/15/20 at 4:30.

1/13/20- Call from both Dr. Burke's office, my pulmonary doctor,  and Dr. Ana Vanderwall, an oncologist. My first appointment with Dr. Vanderwall is Fri. 1/17/20 at 10:30. 

1/15/20- Appointment with Dr. Degroat, my cardiologist. EKG and check up. Nice to see a familiar face for a change. Don't have to return for 6 months. 


  1. you've got a tremendous amount of information coming in, this is a really smart idea. i'm here to support you in anyway that i can.

  2. Thanks Jane, I have so many pieces of paper scattered on my desk, I decided I need to organize it all together. I don't do the cloud thingie and my laptop is having issues, so thought I'd keep a summary here for safekeeping.

  3. Great idea!! Prayers are with you tomorrow. Debrabro


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