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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

On To The Big Day...

I spent the morning at Manatee Memorial Hospital for the prep stuff for the biopsy- filled out forms (why can't doctors and hospitals use the same history forms so we can fill out one, make copies and take them with us to each new doctor and medical facility?), had vitals taken, blood sample collected and gave them my scan Cd's and report from Dr. Burke, my pulmonary doctor. I'm now good to go...

Okay, I'm a bit overwhelmed with all this. Just keeping appointments straight with all these players in my little personal drama. And to just shake things up a bit, I got a letter from Pinnacle where my primary care doctor worked. They were informing me that Dr. Lopez no longer worked there effective Dec. 28th, 2019. No explanation, but I'm sure there's a story there for it to have happened so suddenly. She's the one who called me on Dec. 9th and told me I had metastatic lung cancer. So now I have to find a new primary care doctor and start all over. 

But onward to get this biopsy over with and finally be told what my options are, if any. And hopefully get some help with the intense back pain I've developed. The kind of pain that takes your breathe away and makes you cry out loud. And say every filthy curse word you've ever heard. We need a new taboo curse word. Fuck has been so over used it has lost it's punch. 


  1. Damn, sounds like it's coming at you from all sides! They never give you a heads up before a doctor leaves and that sucks. Hang tough. Good luck tomorrow. Hope they can give you some great drugs for your unbearable pain. XO

  2. Yes, I was thinking your new curse word needs to be MORPHINE!


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