In 2002 we ran away from Illinois where we were born and raised, and started a new life in SW Florida. This blog is about me (an eccentric old artist), ROM (my Real Old Man), Isabella (our neurotic Standard Poodle) and Emmy (our crazy snake killing Jack Russell Terrier). Oh- and the neighborhood old people. Life is good in Florida!


Friday, January 24, 2020

Catching Up...

So much has happened since I posted earlier this week. The past two nights after Mike was in bed and the dogs were settled for the night, I sat down with my laptop and prepared to blog... only to find that the internet was down- something about maintenance. And then my cable went out, too. Funny how I can cope and keep my composure as I navigate my way through dying, but something like not being able to connect to the internet or watch TV snapped me like a twig. I whipped out my phone like any reasonable adult would do and got on Twitter to berate the Spectrum rep. Poor me! Do they realize I'm dying and need my TV and internet, damn it! Thankfully I came to my senses and apologized for dumping that crap on them. 

Now I'm organizing my thoughts to prepare to write about the past two days which have been filled with profound and beautiful experiences. And I need to remember that when I feel the need to write, I can always write offline in Word and just save it to post later. No need for all the angst and drama if I can't get online. 

Later... I do things in spurts now. When I damn well please...

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